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Sub Sig Bus
Sub Sig Bus
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Cabin Capers
Stories from the Sub Sig Cabin Log


The Davis Path and the Nancy Pond Trail are just beyond the Sub Sig cabin door. Crawford Notch, Mt. Washington,the Southern Presidentials, the Moats, and more, are just a short drive away. Most of the White Mountains are close enough for an easy day trip.

Middle Moat, Nov. 2011 Middle Sugarloaf Nov. 2011 Hell Brook Trail, Mt. Mansfield Mt. Mansfield Summit Nancy Pond Trail Vose Slide Nancy Slide
Lunch on Middle Moat
Nov., 2011
Sunday Hike to Sugarloaves
Nov., 2011
Hell Brook Tr. Mt. Mansfield
Nancy takes up the challenge
Aug. 2012
Mt. Mansfield summit
They made it!
Aug. 2012
Dave at relocated
Nancy Pond Trail
Oct. 2012
Bushwhacking the Slide
On Vose Spur
May 2013
The Slide on
Mt. Nancy
May 2013
Mark Kirk and Friends Mt. Pickering Bog Snow at Zealand Hut Foggy Mt. Crawford View from Mt. Jackson Sub Sig and MOAC at Zealand Hut On Mt. Zealand
Mark Kirk & Friends on Mt. Cabot
Mark's Last 4000 Footer
Summer 2013
Mark Navigates the Bog
Bretton Woods
Oct. 2013
Snow at Zealand Hut
Oct. 2013
Sub Sig and SANS
on Foggy Mt. Crawford
Oct. 2014
View from Mt. Jackson
Aug. 2015
Sub Sig and MOAC
at Zealand Hut
Oct. 2015
Mt. Zealand
Oct. 2015
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From the Sub Sig Cabin, Cross-country touring centers Bear Notch , Bretton Woods ,and Jackson XC are all close.
Backcountry skiing, on back roads and trails, is limitless. Bretton Woods and Attitash offer nearby downhill skiing.

Bear Notch, Saco River Trail Skiing at Trapp's Jan. 2011 Bretton Woods 2-4-12 Jackson XC Feb. 2012 Fun at Bear Notch, Feb. 24 2012 Maggie and Zeke Skijourning Bear Notch XC
Bear Notch
Trail along the Saco
Feb. 2011
Schoohouse Trip to Trapp's
Jan. 2012
At Bretton Woods XC
Feb. 2012
At Jackson XC
Feb. 2012
Fun at Bear Notch
Feb. 14, 2012
Maggie and Zeke Skijoring
at Bear Notch
March 3, 2013
Skiing along the Saco
Mark Levine's Birthday 2017

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Winter Hiking, Snowshoeing

Snowshoes, crampons or ice creepers, and proper clothes allow us to reach some very special places in winter.

South Moat Summit Ethan Pond Trail Crawford Path Mt. Pierce Canada Jay Ripley Falls Trail Kearsarge N.
South Moat Summit Ethan Pond Trail Crawford Path
Crawford Path
near Mt. Pierce summit
Canada Jays
are not shy.
Guard your sandwich!
A short Sunday hike
to Ripley Falls
Shelter from the cold
in the Mt. Kearsarge N firetower
Dry River Trail Cherry Pond Mt. Jackson Summit Mt. Jackson Mt. Jackson March 2013 Mt. Pierce March 2013 Mark Levine and Grandkids on Mt. Randolph
Dry River Trail
Dec. '09
Cherry Pond
Pondicherry Wildlife Refuge
Dec. '09
Mt. Jackson Summit
Dec. '10
Descent from Mt. Jackson
Webster-Jackson Trail
Dec. '10
Mt. Jackson
March 2013
Mt. Pierce with the AMC
March 2013
Mark Levine and Grandkids
on Mt. Randolph
January 2014

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Local Activities

Although most of our trips are to our cabins, we occasionally do local activities near the Boston area.
Here's a few of the places we've gone recently.

table test
Dogtown Common
Freedom Trail
Noanet Woodlands
Skiing at Boxford State Forest
Dogtown Common
Gloucester, MA
On the Freedom Trail
Noanet Woodlands, Dover
in the Rain
But the sun came out
for Lunch!
Skiing at
Boxford State Forest
Subsig and Meetup
On the Uncanoonucs
March 2014

Canoeing, and More?

Pictures of other occasional activities (biking, etc.) would be welcome.

table test
Lunch at<br /> Waterbury Reservoir 2008 Canoeing, Waterbury Reservoir Canoeing on Wrightsville Reservoir
Lunch at
Waterbury Reservoir,
Waterbury Reservoir, VT
July 4th Weekend
Wrightsville Reservoir, VT
July 4th Weekend
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Sub Sig Cabin Capers, March-October, 2015

At the end of March, new member Carolyn joined Dave Roy and Catherine Cantrell for her first winter day hike, to Kearsage North.

By mid-April, Steve and Marilyn were experiencing typical spring skiing, with the snow turning to mush under the 45 degree temperature, but the Sawyer River Road was well packed down by snowmobiles, and all the ridges, valleys and mountains were visible through the trees. The next day, Sawyer and Liberty (woof!) joined them at Bear Notch. Almost all the trails were open, but mud was rapidly taking the place of snow under the brilliant, 56 degree sun.

On the May trail work weekend, Dave, Catherine, Mark and Nancy brushed the Langdon Trail from Bartlett to the shelter, and cleared waterbars on the Stanton Trail.

Later in May, Bob Kittredge and several others climbed Tom, Field, and Avalon on fresh snow under a beautiful blue sky. They met lots of dogs, and hungry grey jays. Nancy and Sharon arrived Saturday night to do yard work. Brian and Joseph arrived Monday after climbing Moriah, and were heading for Adams and Madison.

On the June work trip, the hummingbird feeder was put up, and attracted hummingbirds within 3 hours. Some ceiling fixtures were changed to use LED's, and various small repairs and cleaning were done. Sawyer's 11th birthday was celebrated with cupcakes -- a first for the dogs.

The next weekend, Bob K. and Jack V. headed up the Ammonoosuc Ravine to Lakes of the Clouds, Monroe, Franklin, and Eisenhower, and then down a wet, slippery Edmunds Path. They spotted Diapensia and Alpine Azalea.

Also in June, Bob, Kathy, and Nancy were joined at the cabin by 14 AMCers who were doing a presidential traverse. The traversers were all on their way soon after 5. Later,the rest started up the Edmunds Path looking for alpine flowers. They spotted Diapensia, Golden Thread, Bunch Berry, and Mountain Avens as they climbed Eisenhower. The traversers finished around 10 PM, some very tired.

The weather was perfect for a big July 4th weekend. The variety of hikes included Jackson-Webster, Carrigain, a crazy bushwhack at Bretton Woods, and the Great Gulf.

Over the next couple of weeks, the Lull's stopped by and hiked to Arathusa Falls, and Nancy Brook to the Cascades, and Tamara stopped in between Eisenhower and the Hancocks.

A couple of weeks later, several hiked Mt. Waumbek in the fog.

At the end of July, Eva and Joe climbed Monroe via the Ammonoosuc Ravine, while Bob K. tackled Webster, Jackson, and Pierce.

On the first of August, Mark Kirk stopped in, planning to hike Welch and Dickey the next day.

The next weekend, our two Brian's joined 8 others at the cabin. Saturday featured a wet hike from Boott Spur to Monroe and Eisenhower. On Sunday, some did the Baldface Loop, while others did Zealand.

The Lull's made another visit in mid-August. Jasmine enjoyed Albany Brook, and a hike to Norcross Pond resulted in beautiful views but sore feet and bodies.

Steve and Marilyn headed out for Mt. Zealand on Aug. 19. Just beyond the hut they were turned back by rain and thunder. After an hour filled with interesting conversation with newspaper reporter Steve Smith, covering 4000 footers, redlining, hiking, Sub Sig, and mutual acquaintances, they headed out again, finally arriving back at the car at 7, after a long, hot hike.
Eva, Joe, Jack and George had excellent weather for the Pierce-Jackson loop on Aug. 23.

At the end of August, a big group scattered to the winds. Areas covered included a grand tour of the forests around and up Whiteface and Passaconoway, Pondicherry, Madison via Brookside and the Watson Path, Zealand Hut, Thoreau Falls, and Zealand via the Zeacliff Trail.

Dave Roy was up for a couple of days of trail work at the beginning of September. He returned on the 11th, hiking to Church Pond over bog bridges. He discovered that half the trail past the pond has been eliminated. Several more arrived Friday night for Dave's weekend trip. Bob Asch headed for Mt. Adams, while the rest joined Dave on the Mt. Crescent Loop and the Carlton Notch Trail. Unfortunately, Dave slipped near the beginning of the notch trail, injuring his knee. After an agonizing 5 hours to cover the 1.7 miles back to the road, and several hours waiting in an emergency room, he learned that nothing was broken, but his knee muscles were badly injured. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

Past, and hopefully future, Subsigger Bill Scannell joined Brian Glenn at the cabin on Sept. 22. Bill climbed Tripyramid and Wildcat, and Brian, the Hancocks.

October began with a joint trip for Sub Sig and MOAC (the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club). In spite of a lot of pre-trip anxiety over a dismal weather forecast that suddenly changed for the better, all headed out for Zeacliff under bright blue skies. Bob Asch and the 3 MOAC folks continued on to the summit of Zealand, while the other 3 Subsiggers had a leisurely lunch on the cliff before heading back. The summiters arrived back at the cabin at 7:30, full of enthusiasm.

It seems that the viewless summit of Zealand has been a popular hike this year.

Plagiarized from the Log by Chris Curtiss

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