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If you see a trip you want to go on or would like more information about, email the trip leader well before the trip date, no later than the Wednesday night before the trip. Trips occasionally fill up -- email early! Be sure to send your phone number in the email. The trip leader will then phone you and discuss the trip with you. You must receive an okay from the trip leader before being "signed up" for the trip.

If you cancel after the food has been bought or don't show, you may be charged for your share of the food. Weekend trips usually gather Friday night at the respective cabin and return Sunday evening.

If you are car-pooling, make certain that you have made detailed arrangements with the trip leader and your riders or the driver, respectively. Be ready at the time agreed upon and make sure you have each other's phone numbers to give notice if there are any problems or delays. Drivers and riders settle the donation for gas to their mutual satisfaction, usually about $15-20 for the round trip.

See the Cabins page for more information about what to expect on a trip.

BYOL=Bring Your Own Lunch is now the default for trips. Leaders will specify if they are providing lunches.


Sub Sig Cabin Trips

MAY 24-26 Bob Kittredge BobKittredge@gmail.com Caps/Castles/Link loop hike over Jefferson.

JUN 7-9 Brittney Kleinfelter (brittneykleinfelter@gmail.com) Trail work weekend. Continued cleaning of Sub Sig maintained trails. Cook wanted.

JUNE 8 Chris Curtiss chriscrts@verizon.net Day hike in the Fells, on the infamous Rock Circuit Trail, which leaves no rock unclimbed. Park and meet at the MDC Flynn Rink on Woodland Road at 10:30 AM. Serious rain will cancel. Call Chris if the weather is questionable.

JUN 14-16 Dave Roy subsig1@aol.com Hike weekend. Southern Presis on Saturday. Pondicheery hike Sunday on way home.

JUNE 18-20 Brian J. Glenn (brianjglenn at gmail dot com) A mid-week trip! Come up in the middle of the week and avoid the weekend crowds. Brian will be arriving late on Tuesday and departing Thursday. Come up and hang!

JUN 21-23 Brittney (brittneykleinfelter@gmail.com) and Brian (animalhc@aol.com) Come hang out with the Bri's for a weekend of whatever you choose. We put on an entertaining show and will provide a hearty meal.

JUN 28-30 Jean Curley Barrett (CurleyCreates@gmail.com) Hiking, painting likely too, more info to follow

JUL 3-7 Brian J. Glenn brianjglenn at gmail dot com Every time I book the cabin on the 4th of July it rains. Come get rained on with us!

JUL 12-14 Tamara Huston / tamarahuston1959@gmail.com Hiking; joint w MeetUp. Saturday hike to be determined by group. Two breakfasts and Saturday night dinner. BYOL.

JUL 19- 21 brian witkov animalhc@aol.com a children and adult group. We Hope to have a saturday and sunday hike of moderate length. Two full breakfasts and diner on saturday. BYOL( lunch). Sub Sig folks please accompany as needed.Tony may be our cook du jour...God Willing

AUG 9-11 Brittney Kleinfelter (brittneykleinfelter@gmail.com) Trail Work Weekend. Cook needed. Earn credits for cabin stay.

AUG 23-25 Tamara Huston / tamarahuston1959@gmail.com HIKING, joint w MeetUp; Saturday hike to be determined by group. Two breakfasts and Saturday dinner. BYOL.

SEPT 27-29 Brian Witkov animalhc@aol.com Trip will include two breakfasts and Saturday dinner with hikes to be decided both days.


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