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Sub Sig Cabin, Hart's Location, NH

Located at the foot of the Presidentials, Sub Sig Cabin offers limitless opportunities for hiking, and in the winter, access to ski areas (Attitash, Bretton Woods, Wildcat, Cannon) and XC areas (Bear Notch, Bretton Woods, Jackson, Intervale), and many wilderness trails.

The Dickerman Cabin, built by us in 1966 was hit by lightning in July 1999 and burned down to the foundations. In the late summer and fall of 1999 we rebuilt the cabin on the existing foundation pretty much following the old lay-out. We renamed it simply “The Sub Sig Cabin.” With the completion of the fireplace in the fall of 2009, the new cabin is now essentially finished.

This White Mountain lodge is about 5 miles from Bartlett NH. There is room for 6-8 cars total in the driveway and the small parking area - do not park on the shoulder! The cabin has sleeping space for 20 people. In the summer camping season, showers can be taken at the AMC Pinkham Notch Camp, or at a nearby commercial campground.

The telephone number for the Sub Sig Cabin is (603) 374-6621

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General information

The cabin is a comfortable, warm and relaxed place to use as 'base camp' for day trips or backpacking. It has electricity, gas cooking and heat, and comfortable common areas downstairs.

  • Sleeping is done upstairs, dormitory-style in sleeping bags (bring your own). Mattresses are provided. Bring your own pillow if bundled-up clothes won't do.

  • The cabin does not have running water; a lighted and heated outhouse serves our sanitation needs.

  • There is no smoking in the cabin.

  • Sub Sig Cabin trash may be left in the Hart's Location dumpster.

  • Trip leaders may allow dogs on their trip, but owners are responsible for their pet's good behavior. Ask for permission to bring a dog when signing up for a trip. No pets allowed in the sleeping quarters, or on the furniture.

  • Only socks or soft-soled shoes allowed on the second floor.

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    Cabin Culture

    The pace and style of the weekend are jointly determined by the leader's preference, the activities planned, and the size and interest of the group.

    The trip leader will organize a trip each day; you are welcome to pursue your own activity, with the understanding that the cabin may be locked until the leader returns.

    We expect trip participants to help with food preparation, dishwashing and general clean-up. Although the trip-leader coordinates things, you won’t be told to sign up for a task and even rarely asked to do one. Things are run on a pleasantly informal level. Use your own good sense to see what needs doing, and take it upon yourself to do it. As the hostel credo goes: "Leave it cleaner than you found it."

    Sub Sig Cabin Cleanup Dishwashing, Sub Sig Cabin

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    Trip participants bring water in jerry cans, cider jugs, etc. for cooking, washing etc.

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    On most trips you can expect to help prepare and eat hearty Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and Saturday night dinner. On some trips you are expected to bring your own lunch; this is usually mentioned in the trip description. Make sure you have clear communication about food with the trip leader.

    The club does not provide alcoholic beverages.

    Leaders coordinate food buying and the cost is shared; your share for a weekend is usually $12-20.

    If you are a vegetarian or prefer to bring and eat your own food, that can usually be arranged in advance with the trip leader. However, meals for the group have priority for kitchen space.

    Pancakes for breakfast!

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    Equipment needs

    The weather in the White Mountains is tenfold as changeable as in the rest of New England, and you know how quickly that can happen! Although trip leaders are helpful and well equipped, self-reliance is an appreciated asset on trips.

    Layers of clothing made from wool, polypro and other high insulating/wicking materials are always appropriate, even in the summer months for the higher elevations.

    Rain-gear is always in season.

    Boots are recommended for hiking - for winter hikes, waterproof or insulated boots are advisable.

    Always carry your own personal supply of drinking water, quick-energy food, and first-aid needs (moleskin, etc.).

    Remember to bring your sleeping bag or blankets and sheets for your cabin stay - none of these are kept at the cabins.

    Bring a flashlight for navigating in the dark.

    Start of summer hike
    Fleece, layers, and hats needed on top of
    Mt. Eisenhower
    -- later the same August day!

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    Trip and Cabin Charges

    No charge for one day trips.

    On trips all those not already members, become temporary members for the duration of the trip. If you choose to join and pay dues while on a trip, you will be charged member rates for that trip.

    A trip participant who is not a member will be charged the temporary member rate. Members who are not current must either renew their membership during the trip or pay the temporary member rate for cabin stays.

    Sub Sig 
    No Heat
    Sub Sig Members
    Temporary Members
    Children (6-18)

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